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1st Borgward Renault Mustang 4x4 Cape MX6 4WD 4x4 Cape
2nd Early Ford Borgward CMMCS EXCO Alfa     Wingriders
3rd Morris Mercedes Street Rods Triumph Vintage MC Renault Vintage MC
Last   Alfa BMW M/C 4WD Early Ford   Triumph



Member class entitlements:
Principal Members = 2 dates + 1 extra if available
Senior Members = 1 date + 1 extra if available
Associate Members = 1 date if available
Notes :
1.    Not all the dates above are always used by the clubs as allocated. Please feel free to contact the club who is scheduled to use a date that you might be looking for as in many cases it might just be available. Inter-club exchanges on an ad-hoc basis are allowed and encouraged, however such arrangements must be brought to the attention of the Exco at the monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of each month and entered into the minutes. Until such a change is minuted, it is not official and can be overturned by the exco on the basis of club seniority requirements.
2.    In any month, there are a few days that are not allocated, namely the 4th particular day in a month that has 5 such days in it. In other words, if the month has 5 Mondays in it, then Monday number 4 is unallocated. If you need an extra day in any particular month, please try to book such days. Such bookings must be ratified at the monthly Exco meeting.
3.    Housekeeping notes:
        a)    please leave the clubhouse in a condition that the next club can use it. Please tell us about low supplies; we only get a chance once per month to check them ourselves.
        b)    If the club before you left it in a mess, please report that as soon as possible. Finding the clubhouse in a mess does not mean that you can leave it in a mess. Refer to 3. a) above.

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