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The Cape Multi-MotorClub Secretariate (CMMCS) has been in existence since the early 1980's when it became the organiser of the annual Maynardville Car Show (under the auspices of the Crankhandle Club). In those days, organisation of the annual show was rotated among the larger clubs year on year under the auspices of the Secretariate. In 1989 the Secretariate organised it's first car show that was not the annual Maynardville event as this event had waned in popularity both with the public and with the clubs involved. The new event was such a success that new breath was found and through the good offices of Theo Espost (Mercedes Benz Club) and the Parow Municipality, the old Parow Bowls Clubhouse was offered to the Secretariate as a headquarters. The building was dilapidated and badly damaged due to it being used as the irrigation pipe store for the surrounding sports fields.

After much negotiating between the clubs involved with the Secretariate, and a few false starts, a plan was put together by Bob Corbett (Treasurer of the Cape Alfa Romeo Club) to form an entity within the CMMCS to manage and develop the Clubhouse on a debenture basis that took into consideration the relative sizes of the 46 clubs that formed the Secretariate. Four categories of Membership were created that made it possible for all of the clubs to partake in the Clubhouse according to each club's own needs. Under the strong leadership of André Ellis (then chairman of the Cape Alfa Romeo Club), Theo Espost, Bob Corbett (officially on loan to the CMMCS for 1 year.....), Graham Davies (Triumph Sports Car Club), the Furlongs (Sunbeam Club), and the then chairmen of the 16 biggest clubs in the Cape, the Cape Multi-MotorClub Secretariate Clubhouse was established, constituted and a lease signed with the Parow Municipality, and so we became part of the Parow Sports Federation.

This answered the prayers of many strong and successful clubs in the Cape whose only real handicap had always been the temporary nature of their meeting places. The clubhouse these days is used by one of the clubs virtually every day of the month. It is done on a healthy basis of co-operation and genuine love of everything automotive. The clubhouse was repaired by the members, an enormous patio was added with its own garden, a massive bar was constructed out of the bunks salvaged from a Cavendish Square refit, two big braais and a pizza oven (always happens when you have a exco full of Alfa Club members) were installed and the whole place is covered wall-to-wall in motoring regalia. Yes it stinks of anything automotive and has unashamedly contributed vastly to the success of the Cape motoring and motorcycle clubs.

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